Seth Godin Live: See Things Differently

Melbourne | Sydney | Auckland | Singapore | May

Let the world’s brightest mind in innovation, marketing and business leadership equip you to drive business growth in 2020.

With 19 best-sellers to his name, Seth Godin is a marketing and leadership titan. He equips business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves, connect with their ideal customers and spread ideas that demand attention.

It’s with great pleasure that we invite you to this once in a decade opportunity: See Seth Godin Live in Australia.

During this fast-paced, practical half-day seminar, Seth will share tools needed to stand out from your competition, lead with purpose, and turn your customer into evangelists.

Well-known for his entrepreneurial expertise Seth Godin has spent decades transforming the contemporary business landscape, with his forward-thinking and intersectional approach to leadership, marketing and strategy.

Seth Godin has inspired millions to be remarkable. Now it’s your turn.


Over four hours, Seth Godin will share his life’s work, equipping you with essential skills to implement effective marketing strategies, drive change and stimulate business growth. You will learn how to:

  • Build a framework for creating products/services people really want
  • Rethink your target market – be remarkable to those that count
  • Use the power of story-telling – articulating your business message in a way that resonates
  • Stand out in an overcrowded marketplace
  • Turn your customers into evangelists
  • Forge meaningful connections in the digital age
  • Do work that changes people and leaves a lasting impact

Quit or be exceptional. Average is for less.” – Seth Godin

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MAY 2020