Thriving in a pandemic masterclass facilitated with Lisa Stephenson

About Lisa Stephenson
In Australia and in global markets, Lisa Stephenson has a reputation as an ultra, high-impact coach, often behind the scenes with C-Suite executives and high-profile individuals in fast-paced environments where absolute trust is non-negotiable and the stakes are high. An extensive client list includes individuals, government, not-for-profits and ASX enterprises. (You have probably seen some of Lisa’s clients in action without knowing that she plays a role in their performance, mindset and well-being – in fact, their effectiveness and success in every aspect of life and work.)

Over 15 years of global coaching experience has seen her working with these CEOs, Directors, elite athletes, entrepreneurs and innovators; and working across financial services, telecommunications, FMCG companies, health, education, sport, government bodies and media.

About this event?

13 strategies to be resilient and optimistic

The pandemic is not over. The opportunities and challenges have your name on them. Are you clear on how to reset, refuel and refocus? Coach Lisa shares the conversations she is having with clients all around the world and what’s working for them. This virus has been a great test for us all: sourcing supplies, protecting ourselves and our loved ones, keeping our own company, caring for others, getting work done, taking action to create our best life, seeing the bigger picture and longer term, contributing to our community, and sacrificing for the collective good. What can we learn, what can we take away?

The pandemic has led to mental health struggles, increased job demands, education challenges, an absence of supportive and empathic networks, and increases in loneliness and isolation. There is resentment and anger at the loss of control over our lives and much disengagement or over-engagement as the lines between work and home blur. Many feel vulnerable, aimless, unconnected, and unmotivated. It’s a lot and it was unexpected. However there are others who have coped rather well and in fact have thrived! Why? What have they done to adapt, pivot, change, flex and make the best of it all? How did they tap into their reserves of hope, optimism, positivity, and the belief that this too shall pass?

Performance coaches are knee deep in conversations with clients around the globe about ways to create, connect, adjust to the new normal and find the opportunities. The new normal is just that – new. Already digital technology has challenged people, changed the geography of work and created seismic shifts in the mix of skills needed, as well as the terms of work. Embracing change is no longer an option but a necessity. We must all be future-fit for life and work. Are you ready to not just survive but thrive? You will walk away from the session with ideas and optimism.

Date: Tuesday 7 Septenmber, 2021
Duration: 1.5 hours

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Thriving in a pandemic masterclass with Lisa Stephenson



10:00 am – 11:30 am

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