Staying at home is the new going out. Zoom is the new coffee

So we’d better be good at it

Take two moments today to look at the message your Zoom-ability is sending the world – then panic – then watch this – then relax.

It’s all about some practical tips to Va Va Voom your Za Za Zoom, from someone who’s put about ten thousand people on a small screen and been watched about eight billion times.

My clients call me the Queen of the Small Screen.  There are worse things to be called.

Presenter: Maz Farrelly 

Maz is obsessed with one thing – INTERESTING. She un-bores. She will not let you or your company, or your message or your branding or your image or your elevator pitch be boring. No. Not happening.

She’s made the biggest shows in the world, with the biggest teams, budgets, audiences and stars.

In TV and movies, if Maz doesn’t grab your attention in the first thirty seconds, you’re gone and you’re never coming back – millions of dollars wasted. It’s the same in business. If your business doesn’t grab attention and keep it, it doesn’t matter if you have the best service, product or concept in the world – you can write but no one will read, you can speak but no one will listen and you can post a video, but no one will watch. You have to cut through.

Maz can help you do a Boring Audit and it will hurt, but it’s a very good kind of pain.

This webinar will run for 10 minutes.

When registering select the “Maz Farrelly” registration type and enter the code MAZ4ICON to enjoy complimentary access to the webinar.

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Va Va Voom your Za Za Zoom


Thursday 28 May 2020

12:00pm – 12:10pm