Business and show business are not so different.

Business and show business are not so different.  We are both after the two most valuable commodities on earth – time and attention.  When we are in competition, I generally beat you.  I should, I am a producer.  I’ve been grabbing attention for a long time – I know the tips and tricks. I’m good at it.

TV and film doesn’t grab your attention in the first thirty seconds you’re gone and you are never coming back.  Millions of dollars down the drain.  It’s the same in business.

You can have the best idea, service or product on earth, but if you can’t tell the world about it in a way that matters to them and interests them, you’re dead in the water.

This is a wildly practical session which shares those tips and tricks of TV production and helps you make everything interesting.  It’s funny, informative and will make you change the way you think about yourself, your business and your life.

Presenter: Maz Farrelly

Maz is obsessed with one thing – INTERESTING. She un-bores. She will not let you or your company, or your message or your branding or your image or your elevator pitch be boring. No. Not happening.

She’s made the biggest shows in the world, with the biggest teams, budgets, audiences and stars.

In TV and movies, if Maz doesn’t grab your attention in the first thirty seconds, you’re gone and you’re never coming back – millions of dollars wasted. It’s the same in business. If your business doesn’t grab attention and keep it, it doesn’t matter if you have the best service, product or concept in the world – you can write but no one will read, you can speak but no one will listen and you can post a video, but no one will watch. You have to cut through.

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Wednesday 3 June 2020

12:00pm – 1:00pm