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Feeling a Bit Tired and Run Down?
Eat Yourself Better with Be Fit Food

Are you feeling as though you can use a healthy-eating reset going into the winter months?

Be Fit Food’s 7-Day “Be Rapid” programs, and 2-week “Metabolism Reset” programs have been designed by a Doctor & Dietitian to help you refresh your gut microbiome and do wonders for your overall health and wellness. After just 1-2 weeks you can expect to curb some not-so-ideal habits, sleep better, have more energy, have much better clarity of mind AND lose approximately 5 kilos’ of stored body fat along the way!

Challenge Yourself…Can you do 1 or 2 weeks of healthy eating, with all food and guidance provided? Each week of a program lets you choose:

  • 7 breakfasts
  • 7 lunches
  • 7 dinners
  • 14 snacks

Any you can opt-in for complimentary Dietitian consultation if you would like as well!

All Be Fit Food meals and snacks are snap-frozen straight to your door, and this is done to lock in nutrients, stay bacteria-free, and ensure that the food does not have to be gassed to extend its shelf life – meaning you are filling your body with only goodness.

Do wonders for your gut microbiome while also doing wonders for your waistline.
Are YOU up for the Challenge?

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  • ENTER ‘CODE – “ESSENTIAL15” at checkout to save 15% on the RRP

This offer is available until 30 June 2022 and is valid for all Be Fit Food programs or purchases over $99.


*An average of 5.89kg was lost by 40 Be Fit Food customers over 2 weeks on Be Rapid/Metabolism Reset/Monthly Challenge programs.  Individual results may vary and may be impacted by numerous factors including food plan type and individual circumstances and existing health/medical conditions or medications. Be Fit Food advises you talk to your health professional prior to commencing and during your weight loss journey.

For any queries regarding this promotion call 1300 2 MEALS (63257) or email [email protected]

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