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New Farm Confectionery is renowned for its creation of gourmet, elegant and contemporary take on classic confectionery… and chocolate, all handcrafted with the adult treat-lover in mind.  On a daily basis, they the flagship store in Newstead produces hoards of honeycomb, endless slabs of chocolate bark, never-ending batches of nougat, mountains of marshmallow and many, many other indulgent products.

If like us, you love Chocolate then now is the perfect time to sign up for an upcoming class.

Kids Chocolate Workshop

For all of the kids out there who are culinary-curious, or even just looking for a creative way to spend the school holidays, our dedicated children’s class is just for you! Join us behind the scenes to where all of our sugary magic happens, as we get messy with chocolate, learning how to make New Farm Confectionery’s famous Amazeballs. We’ll also be designing bespoke Chocolate Bars of your own!

This class is for kids aged 10-16 years. This is a class for children only. Parents and careers are welcome to wait for their children in our retail area and watch through the viewing window. Class: $60 per person | Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Chocolate Making Workshop (Next Available: Saturday 25 September | Saturday 2 October)

Enjoy a chocolate filled workshop with one of New Farm Confectionery’s leading Chocolatiers. Learn the art of hand crafting delicious moulded chocolate, truffles and other scrumptious chocolate treats. Embrace your inner artist and learn how to work with coloured cocoa butter. This hands-on class is a fun filled way to spend an evening with some old friends, or come and make some new ones. Enjoy the workshop with a glass of sparkling wine in-hand and expect to get a little messy. For 2 hours you will make many delicious goodies using couverture Belgian chocolate, along with hand crafted confectionery produced at New Farm Confectionery. No previous experience is necessary, just bring a a desire to learn and a love of chocolate.

Chocolate Masterclass Workshop (Still Available: Saturday 14 August, Friday 27 August, Saturday 28 August)

A four hour long intensive workshop designed specifically for the chocolate-obsessed! Learn about chocolate origins, the laws and art of tempering, and absorb all of our insider advice on the best ways to work with this beautiful, but sometimes intimidating ingredient, and then the fun starts… Prepare to get your hands dirty as we dive head first into (no, not pools of chocolate, though it’s on our bucket list) creating some of New Farm Confectionery’s most popular chocolate products! From our dreamy Chocolate Barks, traditional moulded chocolates, and decadent hand dipped chocolates, you will be well equipped with recipes for handcrafting delicious gifts to spoil family, friends, or even to impress those all-the-more eager dinner party guests! Class: $250 per person | Duration: 4 hours

Marshmallow Masterclass (Next Available: Saturday 23 October)

Learn all there is to know about Marshmallow mastery in our 3 and half hour long intensive Marshmallow Masterclass. In teams of two, you will learn all of the tricks of the trade for crafting pillow-like puffs of deliciousness, and dare we mention that you will be able to take all of your treats home with you?! The class will cover how to make our classic flavoured Marshmallow, layered Marshmallow and for that extra dash of sugary magic… our take on the traditional S’more! Class: $180 Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes

*Please note that this class incorporates the use of high heat. Only participants over the age of 18yrs will be permitted to attend.

Caramel Masterclass (Next Available: Saturday 20 November)

Caramel is truly magical! In this 3 hour masterclass, you will learn how to turn just a few basic ingredients into an entire collection of tasty treats! With the simplest recipe (our much loved oozy caramel sauce) out of the way, we’ll move onto making ever so slightly chewier caramels, flavoured caramels, crunchy caramels as well as our highly addictive caramel coated popcorn! If you’re lucky, we might even be tempted to dip a few in chocolate too, before you bag them all up and take them away with you! Class: $180 per person | Duration: 3 hours

*Please note that this class incorporates the use of high heat. Only participants over the age of 18yrs will be permitted to attend.

Brittle + Honeycomb Masterclass (Next Available: Dates to be announced)

A class sure to hit the sweet spot! Over the course of 3hrs, we will not only share the inside scoop on how to make the fluffiest Honeycomb you’ve ever encountered, but we’ll also be covering off exactly what goes into crafting the perfect Brittle!

In teams of two (so be sure to convince a friend to attend) we’ll work you through our failsafe honeycomb methods for creating our famous golden mountains, as well as mastering the art of our classic fan-favourite Peanut Brittle and a few premium flavours too. The best part? You’ll leave our headquarters with a whole hoard of sugary goodness to take home with you! Class: $180 per person | Duration: 3 hours

*Please note that this class incorporates the use of high heat. Only participants over the age of 18yrs will be permitted to attend.

New Farm Confectionary


July | August 2021

9 am | 10 am | 6 pm

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