Wellineux – Virtual Masterclasses for Leadership Mind & Body

The Wellineux team understand that we are facing times of adversity, unpredictability and constant change. Never before has this generation experienced a global pandemic that has shifted the way we work, socialise and live our daily lives.

This daily changing environment calls on us for unity and support for each other. Wellineux are here to do just that, supporting leaders to step-up and inspire in these challenging times and to support teams to thrive in this new normal.

The foundation for each of the below offerings we are bringing to our community in partnership with the Wellineux team.

Live Virtual Masterclass Workshops
Interactive and hands-on virtual workshops developed for leaders and teams alike across mindset, rest, nutrition, connection, discovery, growth and resources.  Participants will walk away feeling supported with actionable techniques to equip them

One team, multiple locations, one direction – 45 minutes
The Resilient Mindset – 45 minutes
Leadership in Challenging Times – 45 minutes
Business Transformation Workshops – 45 minutes
Boosting Peak Performance & Productivity – 45 minutes
How to manage stress, worry and anxiety during uncertain times – 45 minutes
Essential Oils & Mindfulness – Staying clam in a changing environment – 45 minutes
Working from Home as a Family – 45 minutes
Tips & Tricks for getting the best productivity working from home – 45 minutes
The Power of Morning Routine – 45 minutes

Visit our blog for more information on each of the workshops.


Virtual Masterclass Workshops