Hottest New Hotel Openings

Here is the Essential Solutions Hottest Hotel 's for business travel, your next event, meeting , retreat, dinner & drinks with a friend or a getaway. 2018 New Openings, New Branding and Renovations OVOLO INCHCOLM Brisbane Ovolo Inchcolm is a distinctive boutique hotel with 50 art deco rooms of impeccable style & charm that's located [...]

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Workplace Wellness with Wellineux

THE SCIENCE BEHIND MINDFULNESS, AND IT'S IMPORTANCE IN THE WORKPLACE Mindfulness can be defined as the practice of focusing one’s attention to experiences that are occurring in the present moment. The benefits of it? Decreased stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increased awareness, and higher brain functioning. What’s the secret behind mindfulness? And importantly, [...]

2019-04-17T08:31:47+10:00April 12th, 2019|Brand Activation, Health & Lifestyle|

Leadership Retreats with a View

Finding that ideal lcoation for a C-Suite and Leadership Team Retreats is a great challenge for our team.  That perfect location that provides the right environment to allow teams to disconnect from their daily office routines and moving them out of the business space and mindset.  We work with our clients to design programs that [...]

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Breakfast Meetings in Sydney – Our Top Picks

Breakfast meetings have soared in popularity with such high demand on our busy schedules.  They are an opportunity to kick start the day with a productive face-to-face meeting and still be in the office for a full days work. Here is our hit list of our highly recommended breakfast picks for Sydney breakfast meetings in [...]

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Incentive Travel and World Events

Incentive programs are a powerful tool to pump sales, boost revenue and reward outstanding sales performance of your team, partners or distributors. It is important that your programs are crafted to build relationships that will stand the test of time and ensure your brand remains competitive. Our team work with you to design programs [...]

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Taryn Brumfitt – Embrace Yourself

Last year during a conference in Fiji we had the privilege of meeting the amazing Taryn Brumfitt, the internationally recognised speaker and passionate leader behind The Body Image Movement .  This experience was not only life changing for the attendees but meeting Taryn, literally changed our lives and how we view our bodies. We had [...]

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Exclusive access – Party like a VIP!

As we fast approach the end of the year, map out our plans to say thank you to our staff and customers, we start thinking about venues and locations to host these celebrations.  Why not consider an exclusive booking at one of our teams recommended 'top pick' locations for your celebration. BARANGAROO, THE ROCKS & [...]

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Your Essential Entertaining Tips

Spring and summer are seasons of abundance, colour and new life is in full force. As the days get longer, lighter and warmer (with a little help from our friend daylight savings) our team start working with our clients to map out their team, customer and personal entertainment goals to celebrate the end of 2018 [...]

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Exclusive access – Party Like a VIP!

As we fast approach the End of Financial Year, map out plans for customer engagement for the rest of 2018 and set a date for your End of Year Celebration we start thinking about venues and locations to host these celebrations. Why not consider an exclusive booking one of our teams recommended top pick [...]

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Health & Wellbeing Activities to bring out the best in you and your team

HEALTH AND WELLBEING ACTIVITIES TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU AND YOUR TEAM. Health and wellbeing is something a society we have completely embraced as our new way of living.  Many organisations today provide supportive environments that encourage working conditions that are safe, stimulating, satisfying and enjoyable for staff.  This has enabled us to work [...]

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