Business Concierge | Employee Wellbeing Programs

We work with our corporate clients to develop workplace wellbeing initiatives to support their employees as they face increasing expectations and workloads.  By providing Business Concierge services, Essential Solutions support employees to reduce the pressure of everyday life and give them a strong sense of balance. "Statistics show that the average person will spend [...]

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2020 Gift Guide

2020 has been a big year for our Gift Concierge. Our Santa’s little helpers have been busy compiling our annual Gift Guide with something for everyone in your life.  Our Gift Concierge team are here to make all of your shopping wishes come true to work with you to prepare your shopping list, to place [...]

EA Little Black Book – Essential Solutions Top Tech Tips with Michelle Bowditch

Essential Solutions recently partnered with Door20a Founder, Michelle Bowditch to create the EA Little Black Book for C-Suite Executive Assistants, EA's and Business Owners.  Sharing such strong business values about finding solutions for our clients in business & life, made this collaboration opportunity a winning combination for both us and our communities. About Michelle Bowditch [...]

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New ways of working requires new ways of learning with Andrea Clarke and the Career CEO

About Andrea Clarke - Founder, CareerCEO & Author, 'Future Fit' A dedicated and dynamic communicator, Andrea's scope of work has involved filing breaking news from Washington D.C. delivering humanitarian aid programs into Iraq and fighting to stop the genocide in Darfur. Navigating major career transitions, Andrea used these lessons to create 'CareerCEO' - a business [...]

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Breakfast Meetings in Sydney – Our Top Picks

Breakfast meetings have soared in popularity with such high demand on our busy schedules.  They are an opportunity to kick start the day with a productive face-to-face meeting and still be in the office for a full days work. Here is our hit list of our highly recommended breakfast picks for Sydney breakfast meetings in [...]

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Written by SARAHROOCROFT A few years ago, I attended the festival of dangerous ideas and got all fired up during a discussion “have we outsourced ourselves?” – Arlie Hochschild author of several books including: We Have Outsourced Ourselves was saying things like “Mothers these days outsource the washing, the ironing, the child minding, the child rearing, the [...]

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Key Role – working with Entrepreneurs

One of the rewarding tasks we have is working with our Entrepreneur members to navigate the exciting challenges of start-up businesses. Our Lifestyle Managers become an integral part of the business from managing their diaries, updating their customer database, confirming meetings, assisting with the daily never ending administration tasks that come with any new business, [...]

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Customer Loyalty – Building Your Brand to Business Success

Over the last six months we have seen an increase in the number of Business Concierge clients working with ES Lifestyle to create a customer loyalty program as a key initiative in client retention. One of the keys to a growing business is a stable customer base.  A successful company can typically see 80 percent [...]

Concierge Solutions for Corporate Clients

Our ES Lifestyle Concierge team have been providing an abundant range of solutions to our Corporate, Executive and busy Professional members........ Corporate “As The HR manager for a large corporate firm we are always looking for great incentives for the staff. We purchased the Elite Membership with 100 requests per month and opened the services to our top [...]

ES Lifestyle – What We Do for our Members

WHAT WE DO Essential Solutions Lifestyle offers virtual concierge and administrative assistant services, lifestyle experiences and support; and bespoke travel packages to discerning individuals and corporate companies all around the world. Through our extensive range of membership services, we allow you to prioritise your diary and outsource your ‘to-do’ list to our Lifestyle Managers. Our [...]

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